Life Groups


At this time, all of our Adult LIFE Groups are gathering through ZOOM meetings.
If you are interested in joining a LIFE Group, please contact us!


A LIFE Group is a small group of believers that meets together based on age and season of life to grow in their walk with Jesus together.


We believe that being a part of a church consists of more than weekly attendance at corporate worship. The church consists of a covenant body that lives life together by caring for one another, bears one another’s burdens, and seeks to help each grow in conformity to Christ.  One of the ways we will foster this kind of interaction is through smaller groups that meet weekly to carry out biblical community. It is also our desire that intentional mission will take place through our Community Groups.

What does “LIFE” Mean?

An easy way to communicate our purpose behind life groups can be explained with our “L.I.F.E” acrostic.

L: Learning the Scriptures
I: Intercessary Prayer
F: Fellowship
E: Evangelism & Missions

How do I join a LIFE Group?

Our LIFE Groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30a. We have LIFE Groups available for ALL AGES! You and your family are welcome to jump into a LIFE Group any Sunday morning.

Check out the LIFE Groups that we offer below.


(College & Young Adult)

Led by Robby & Tina Brown
They are currently going through the study, Bible Studies for Life: Young Adult. For more info about our College & Career Ministry, click here.


(Young Married)

Led by Ben & Joni Smith
They are currently going through the study, Bible Studies for Life. This LIFE Group is designed for those Young, married adults and those actively pursuing marriage.


(30s & 40s)

Led by Carey & Loren Metts
They are currently going through the study, A Beautiful Design by Matt Chandler.


(40s & 50s)

Led by David & Cindy South
They are currently going through the study, Bible Studies for Life.


(Ages 50s +)

Led by Terry Smith
They are currently going through the study, Bible Studies for Life.


(Ladies Only)

Led by Cathy Nash
They are currently going through the study, Loving God and Others: The Heart of True Faith.


How do I know where to go?
Once you get on the campus of Trinity, you will see signage that will direct you where to go based on ages. If you find yourself confused, feel free to ask anyone you see for some directions – we don’t bite! 🙂
What about my kids?

We have separate LIFE Groups for your kids and students that also meet on Sundays at 9:30a! Click those appropriate links for more information.

What if my spouse and I are in different age groups?

The ages are more of “suggestions” our main goal is to facilitate biblical community and spiritual growth. The best way to accomplish this is to be in a small group with those who are in the same life stage as you. Basically.. where you are the most comfortable!

What will the LIFE Group time consist of?

The time in LIFE Group will consist of time to just hang out and build relationships, Biblical teaching by the LIFE Group leader, and group discussion facilitated by the leader. Don’t feel pressured to talk right off the bat – come, hang out, building relationships, and when you are ready – jump right in and actively participate in the discussion!

Still have questions?