Core Values

1. We are BIG on the Bible!
We are Committed to Biblical Authority and Doctrinal Integrity.
Vision: Trinity will continue to be a place where the Bible is preached and taught with depth, conviction, and relevant life application as a primary means of developing consecrated disciples of Jesus Christ.  We have a vision for consistent and quality training for current and future Bible teachers and preachers who will reproduce themselves by “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”  We have a vision for a pulpit and small group ministry that engages real life and presents a community, nation, and world with the truth of the Gospel and the precepts of the Bible.  Trinity embraces the SBC Baptist Faith and Message (2000) as its statement of faith and doctrine.

2. We love God and enjoy worshipping Him. It’s all about Him!
We are Committed to Enthusiastic Worship and Celebration.
Vision: Trinity will continue to emphasize the importance of the church gathered for the purpose of glorifying God and encountering His awesome presence through worship and praise.  We have a vision for incorporating a variety of methods and styles in order to engage our changing culture and all age groups without compromising biblical standards.  We will seek to keep worship Christ-centered.  We have a vision of a growing and vibrant music ministry that involves as many people and as large a variety of gifts and passions as possible.  We have a vision for a worship staff that provides leadership in enlisting and equipping a music team, helping them to grow in ministry skill and spiritual maturity, as well as leading our congregation to encounter and exalt Jesus Christ in worship.

3. We still believe in the Power of Prayer!
We are Committed to Prayer.
Vision: We will continue to keep prayer a priority in every aspect of the life of the church and the lives of our members.  We have a vision for making prayer a vital part of corporate worship and small group ministry.  We have a vision for a prayer room dedicated to display prayer needs for our church family & staff, the lost, hurting and sick, bereaved, missionaries, our governments, and other special needs.

4. We are all about the Family!
We are Committed to Ministry to the Whole Family.
Vision: Trinity will continue to keep family and children?s ministry a priority.  We have a vision for building strong marriages, equipping parents with tools for instilling a biblical worldview in the home, and ministering to families in the transitions of life.  We have a vision for developing quality ministry to those sometimes disenfranchised by society including orphans and the unborn, widows, single-again, and those with hurts and addictions.  We have a vision for reaching and implementing a discipleship strategy for the next generation through quality ministries so that they may be established early in the gospel and the Word of God. Check out our ministries tab for more info about AWANA, Kidz Worship, and our EMERGE Student Ministry.

5. Small groups are how you really connect.
We are Committed to providing Effective Small Group Ministry.
Vision: We will continue to encourage the involvement of every member in a small group that gathers for Bible study, prayer support, fellowship/care ministry, and evangelism/outreach ministry (currently known as LIFE-Groups).  We have a vision for thriving LIFE-Groups for every age category including preschool, children, teens, college, and adults of all ages and stages of life.  We have a vision for an organized care and prayer ministry that ensures that no need goes neglected among our church family.  We have a vision for developing future deacons, teachers, and various small group leaders and ministers increasing our effectiveness in making disciples and keeping them connected through vital relationships.

6. Our Neighbors, the Nations, and the Next Generation NEED JESUS!
We are Committed to Evangelism and Missions.
Vision: We have a vision for increased emphasis on local missions and evangelism, providing our members with opportunities for training in personal evangelism, involvement in local ministry projects, and serving the hurting and needy of our area.  We have a vision for dramatically reaching our communities with the gospel of Christ. Trinity will continue to be involved in international missions through our financial support of missionaries and involving our members in missions first-hand around the world.  We have a vision for strategic partnerships through the International Mission Board (SBC), North American Mission Board (SBC), Georgia Baptist Convention, and by sending a variety of mission teams to support the work and assist our individual/independent missionaries on the field.

7. God is worthy of our Best!
We are Committed to Biblical Stewardship.
Vision: We will continue to emphasize the biblical principles of stewardship of time, financial resources, spiritual gifts and abilities, and material blessings. We have a vision for training church members of all ages to discover, use, and further strengthen their gifts and talents for the Lord. We have a vision to help members to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and the precepts of Scripture, discovering the blessings of being a “cheerful giver” and serving the Lord with gladness. We have a vision for encouraging and enabling all members to use their gifts redemptively, seeking first the Kingdom of God! We have a vision for being able to adequately staff the church for ministry, provide necessary facilities and ministry resources, and support vital mission work through the generous contributions of our membership. We have a vision for providing the financial counseling and support for the “household of faith” first, then through the church to the community.